Nox Composites Kitsuma 275


From NOX:


When you're staring down a fall line psyching yourself up for riding at your limit, these are the times when a rim like the Kitsuma belongs on your bike. 

Time and time again, the benefits of a wide rim have been shown. We've been hesitant to go this wide for a long time, since the selection of tires that work well for a rim like this were lacking, but times are changing and tires are now available which take full advantage of a beast of a rim like this. When you put on properly sized 2.4"-3.0" tires on this rim, get ready to experience grip and lateral holding forces like you didn't think were possible on a mountain bike. The combination of stiffness, stability, compliance, low rolling resistance and raw grip are game changing. Note: If you are planning to run 2.1-2.3" XC tires, you will be better served with one of our narrower rims. 

The Kitsuma gets all of our latest technology, including UniWeave construction, the Anti-Burp Bump, the strongest RockGuard Hookless bead lip we've ever made and of course our asymmetric offset design which improves spoke tension equality by more than 15%. The DH version of this rim shares the same profile but adds about 50g of material to add stiffness and structural integrity for DH style riding. 

  Choose either White Industries CLD or XMR hubs.  All mountain bike wheels will come with the new 48 point high-engagement ratchet ring installed.

    Standard build configuration will be a mix of black Sapim CX Ray and CX Sprint spokes with Secure Lock brass nipples.

    Please indicate desired hub and decal colour in the comments section of the cart.  Also, please let me know what axle configuration is needed.  Wheels are built to order.  Wait times vary depending on component availability.  

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