Boyd Altamont Ceramic Coated Wheel Set



From Boyd:

Rim Brakes are Not Dead!!

The Altamont Wheelset has been one of our most popular wheel offerings for years. With a wide rim profile, tubeless rim bed, welded seam, and rounded aero profile it's hard to top the performance of this rim. . . UNTIL NOW!!

Cue in a super durable coating to give an awesome stealth fighter look to the rim. This coating makes the side of the brake track the same color as the rest of the rim. However, this is more than just a cosmetic coating. The ceramic coating stays on the rim and provides increased stopping power, especially in wet weather conditions.

Included with every Ceramic Coated Alloy wheels are a set of the Swissstop BXP Brake pads for FREE. We have gone through testing on multiple options of brake pads and found these to be the best performing, and longest lasting pad you can run.



Super aero, modern designed rim - check!
Tubeless rim bed - check!
Welded seam - check!
Stealthy coating that won't wear off - check!
Amazing dry and wet weather stopping power - check!
No better alloy rim option out there? - You bet!


The Altamont features a new tubeless rim bed profile with a bead locking shape. Run tubeless road wheels at high pressures, or even cross tubeless clinchers at low pressures. The rim bed is designed to lock the tire beads into place and prevent burping the tire. The wide center channel allows for side by side bead mounting (not stacked like with a narrow rounded center channel). This makes for much easier mounting and inflation; no more breaking tire levers and relying on an air compressor for inflation!!

Of course, clincher tube and tire systems work perfectly with the new Altamonts. If you are not running tubeless, your favorite tire can still be used flawlessly.

Rim Shape

The inside width of the rim sits at 19.86mm. This increase in width allows for a much better tire shape. The better tire shape improves handling, aerodynamics, and vibration dampening due to increased air volume. The new rims were specifically designed around a 25mm tire. Of course, 23mm tires all the way up to cross tires work incredibly well with the new Altamonts.

The rim shape is slightly modified from the previous version of the Altamont. The new rim does take on a more rounded shape, for better aerodynamics and a stiffer overall rim.

Welded Seam

We have a welded seam on the Altamont and Altamont Lite. The welded seam makes for an extremely strong connection where the rim joins itself. It also provides very smooth and consistent braking without any seam hitting the brake pads. Welded seams helps to make the strongest possible rim.

Bead Blasted Finish

It's more than just a cosmetic finish (although it does look very cool!). The rims go through a round of bead blasting before getting anodized. This allows more anodization to seep into the rim, which helps to create a stronger and stiffer rim. This gives a sleek matte finish with an extra layer of strength for each rim.

Updated graphics

The past couple years we have been laser etching the logos on the Altamont. While laser etching certainly does give a unique finish, we were limited to only an off white metallic color. We now have a water transfer decal, baked into the rim. We are able to offer a nice mix of pop and stealth to the new Altamonts. Light gray (semi stealth) logos display on the side of each rim, with a white, newly revised, Altamont logo at the valve. Lets face it, looking good is half the battle and so having a wheelset that performs and looks great was definitely a priority.

    Renowned for their durability, the White Industries T11 hubs are, in my opinion, the best all-around road hub available today.  At 344 grams per set, they are still quite light.  Good geometry on the rear hub helps balance the spoke tension between the left and right sides.  The titanium freehub body is a really nice touch; almost as light as aluminum but much, much stronger, resisting the "bite marks" which afflict many others.  Extremely eye-catching, these hubs are available in a myriad of colours.  Made in the USA.


        Wheels will be built with either black Sapim CX-Rays or a mix of black Sapim Laser and Race spokes (Laser on the front and rear non-drive side, Race on the drive side).  Other configurations are available on request.  Black Secure Lock brass nipples will be used on all builds unless otherwise requested.


    All wheels are built to order.  Wait times vary depending on component availability.

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